Creating Print Templates in INTENSE Platform - Training

Creating Print Templates in INTENSE Platform - Training


After the Christmas break, we are back with a training on our flexible solution for building printout templates and forms.

By taking advantage of the full capabilities of this INTENSE Platform's module, you can improve work organization at your company.

This tool supports the creation of customized templates for any document type used in the company's workflow (including invoices, orders, letters, delegations, or minutes).

In addition, it allows you to develop statements, reports, and records based on data from multiple sources.


We have composed the course for INTENSE Platform administrators willing to extend their capabilities.

When your records are maintained manually, finding a particular document may be a challenging and time-consuming effort.

Moving such processes to the digital world results in less manual work.

It saves you time and increases the comfort of your work.

Does your company have documents first entered into an electronic workflow and subsequently printed?

If so, this training will teach you how to generate printouts automatically.


This course will allow you to extend process automation at your workplace. It will relieve other employees from performing tedious and repetitive tasks.

  • Almost every business operation utilizes printouts - you may introduce positive changes to work in your organization on a large scale.
  • Faster and controllable bulk printing - Platform's print wizard will save time and replace unnecessary repetitive tasks with a single click.
  • Flexible creation of any print template - allows you to create templates that meet the most complex requirements.
  • The user can use this feature in three interfaces: Windows, Web, and Mobile
  • regardless of the conditions and place of work (office, warehouse, construction site, production hall, etc.) - the system provides access to generate printouts.
  • An opportunity to explore another low-code area of INTENSE Platform, allowing configuration without programming language skills.
  • Intuitive use was a primary consideration in the design of the solution.
  • The trainee will be able to create printouts of letters, invoices, orders, business trips, and much more on their own! - This training will provide crucial knowledge to streamline your company's document creation and printing processes.

The INTENSE print wizard enables you to create any print template ready for data input.


There are many possible applications of our solution.

Below, you will find an example of one of them. Please, notice how we are able to skip unnecessary elements of the initial process.

Individual steps in the complaint-handling workflow process before the introduction of automation:

1. The company "X" receives information from its customer about the need to file a product complaint.
2. The company asks the customer to provide an email address to send the customer a complaint form.
3. The customer downloads the form, prints it, fills it out, and scans it.
4. The customer sends the document to the company.
5. A person at company "X" must enter the data from the received form into the company's internal system.
6. The complaint is processed.
7. After processing the complaint, the data is transferred manually to a complaint report. The report is sent to the customer.

The process flow after the introduction of automation:

1. The company "X" receives information about the product complaint.
2. The company "X" provides the customer with an online complaint form.
3. The customer fills the form out.
4. The data is visible in the company "X" internal system. The complaint is processed.
5. The company automatically generates a printout of the complaint processing report and forwards it to the customer.

We have included two elements of process digitalization in the example.

Replacing manually-typed out documentation with an online form through which the customer entered the data directly into the company's system.

The use of automatic complaint report printing (with data generated from the system) has streamlined the final stage of handling the claims process.

The above example illustrates a case when our solution leads you to company process simplification and relieves the employees' workload. Customers also benefit from the improved service because it is quicker and more pleasant. The company had the data in its system without any delay.

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