INTENSE Warehouse Manager in INTENSE Platform v. 2023.3 - Your warehouses in the best order

INTENSE Warehouse Manager in INTENSE Platform v. 2023.3 - Your warehouses in the best order


We are pleased to present the INTENSE Warehouse Manager module in the latest version 2023.3, which represents a revolution in the area of warehouse management.

The new quality of warehouse processes allows you to operate from any interface - web, mobile or desktop.


The INTENSE Warehouse Manager module offers comprehensive handling of warehouses, enabling not only classic receipt and release of goods, but also effective management of tool room and inventory taking.

A key feature is the accurate recording of goods with information on their location and constant control over inventory levels. These functionalities are not all.

The whole system can be integrated with INTENSE BPM and INTENSE RPA modules, which bring better handling and automation of processes.


With the support of barcode readers, QR and RFID technology, we have accelerated and streamlined the processes of receiving, picking, issuing, recording and inventory. The module is perfect for both large high-storage warehouses and smaller tool shops. QR codes mean quick access to information, which facilitates inventory management and logistics decision-making.

They also speed up the tracking of product history.  This is useful for products subject to certain standards or regulations. Barcodes and QR codes are scanned with a smartphone via a mobile app.

RFID technology allows real-time tracking of products, automatic identification of products, tracking of storage conditions and increased security of goods circulation. It is now integrated with our system.


Tool room management has never been easier.

Our application allows you to assign and reserve tools and monitor their consumption. This, in turn, prevents downtime caused by the lack of a replacement tool. You will reduce your expenses on purchasing tools, equipment, parts and materials having them constantly under control.

Now that you can perform record-keeping activities from a mobile and web application, you can manage the status of tools and record them from anywhere.

Automation with barcode readers, QR and the use of RFID technology also extends to tools management. This makes the processes of issuing, receiving, inventory and tracking tools even more efficient.


With our module, you know exactly where each product is located in the warehouse. The right location means faster inventory and less risk of errors.

Inventory-taking is a long process. It will be greatly accelerated by barcode and QR code readers supported in the mobile application. RFID readers are also increasingly used in conjunction with our app.

Smart reporting: Get real-time inventory reports. Monitor inventory, identify variances and make quick decisions based on up-to-date data.

Access from anywhere: Whether you're in the office, at the warehouse yard or on the go, with our module you can track and manage your inventory from any device: computer, tablet or smartphone.


The extraordinary flexibility of the module allows integration with other systems, such as ERP, MES, e-commerce, and TMS, creating a coherent logistics system. The introduction of features and delivery batches in the electronic warehouse allows even greater flexibility in managing logistics processes and accurate monitoring of inventory levels.

In addition, the module is fully integrated with other INTENSE Platform modules. Properly selected, they can form a powerful and intelligent system.


It is also worth noting that the INTENSE warehouse module can also be used in the area of fixed asset management. It works not only as a BPM tool but also enables the transfer of assets between employees, departments, companies or projects.

Introducing the distribution of costs in the warehouse using the FIFO or weighted average method allows you to customize the module to meet your company's individual needs.

Automatic validations built into the warehouse module, as well as extensive customization capabilities, make the INTENSE Warehouse Manager module a comprehensive and effective tool to support warehouse, fleet and fixed asset management.

INTENSE Group team