INTENSE Group Participation in the Conference

INTENSE Group Participation in the Conference "DIGITALIZACIÓN Y NEGOCIO"


Today, INTENSE Group will join the 2-day Digitization and Business Conference organized by the Catholic University of Avila and the University of Economics in Krakow. The conference will concentrate on the broad topic of the digitization of the business world.


The International Conference on Digitization and Business is a scientific event focusing on the dynamic socio-economic changes resulting from the transformation from analogue to digital society.

Covering a variety of scientific fields, this congress aims to explore key issues related to business sustainability while exploring new opportunities in a dynamic competitive environment.

The conference aims to understand and emphasize the importance of security in the digitization process, creating a platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas on new technologies, business models and work organizations.


During the congress, INTENSE Group representatives will have the pleasure of sharing their knowledge and experience in the use of low-code/no-code technologies in the digitization of businesses.

Presentations will be given by Director of Consulting Anna Gnyla and Tomasz Suchy Director of Sales.

It is worth mentioning that these technologies are strongly gaining ground - the market for the use of low-code/no-code platforms has grown by almost 30% in recent years.

The topic of the presentation will be: "INTENSE Group on Digitization and Automation in Small and Medium Enterprises. How to build business applications without developers thanks to modern low-code/no-code tools."

The talk will present the results of INTENSE Group's project research: "INTELLIGENT INTENSE BPMS PLATFORM: an innovative BPMS mobile application generation platform without developers' contribution."

The research was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under:

- sub-measure 1.2.1 Research and development projects of enterprises
- Measure 1.2. Research and innovation in enterprises, Priority Axis 3 Knowledge economy of the REGIONAL OPERATIONAL PROGRAM OF THE MAŁOPOLSKIE VOIVODSHIP 2014-2020.

The low-code/no-code system that we will present fits perfectly into the theme of digitization of enterprises and current transformations in the way they operate and are organized.


Low-code/no-code technology is playing an important role in improving and driving the development of the business world. Offering a novel model for creating business applications without the need for developers, this technology is bringing revolutionary changes to business models, enabling companies to quickly adapt to the dynamic demands of the modern economy and digital society.

The relatively low cost of implementing low-code/no-code platforms lowers investment barriers, enabling both large corporations and SMEs to take advantage of modern tools. This tool is becoming a key component of sustainable business development, opening doors to new opportunities and emphasizing process security in the context of digital transformation.

The Conference on Digitization and Business is sure to be a place where experts and participants will exchange insights on the impact of low-code/no-code technologies on today's economy, the competitiveness of organizations and even society.

The conference's website is available here

INTENSE Group team