Scientific publications with the participation of INTENSE Group at!

Scientific publications with the participation of INTENSE Group at!


We are proud to inform you that the employees of our company made a significant contribution to a scientific publication edited by Prof. Ludosław Drelichowski entitled “BI Application Tools in Knowledge Management and Strategy Development”.

Prof. Dr hab. Inż. Ludosław Drelichowski, the president of the Polish Association for Knowledge Management, and at the same time the author of about 200 scientific papers, has invited experts with practical experiences within the scope of implementing IT solutions in knowledge management using tools of the Business Intelligence class to cooperate on another publication. Amongst them, there are also representatives of INTENSE Group, and the result of the team’s work is a book published by the world’s largest scientific publishing house, specialized in publishing research works, LAP – Lambert Academic Publishing.

It is worth highlighting that a significant part of the work is devoted to our experience and that of our customers. As a part of the paper, we have shared our technological knowledge within the scope of the construction and development of data warehouses as well as the practical experience associated with their implementation. The publication also presents the experience of one of our long-term customers – Pozkal Publishing House from Inowrocław.

The book was published in June this year and is available at distributors and partners of Lambert publishing house including the “world’s largest bookshop” – portal