References from Riser Sp. z o.o.

References from Riser Sp. z o.o.


We are overjoyed to inform you that we have received yet another recommendation for a finalized implementation process, which we executed in a dynamically operating company from the construction industry.

After several months of intensive work, we have successfully completed the implementation, the effect of which is an efficiently operating system as well as a reference sent by Riser, a fragment of which can be found below:

“When choosing a supplier we held numerous meetings with possible partners. We were more likely to cooperate with some of them, and less with others. In this group, Marek Jurkowski emerged, running the company Intense Group Sp. z o.o., who in our opinion approached the matter of presenting the solution and cost estimation in the most professional manner.

During implementation we exchanged hundreds of emails and dozens of phone calls. Communication with the implementing duo from INTENSE was very efficient, and the method of documenting conducted works, transferring acceptance tests, protocols as well as post-implementation support only confirmed that we made a good decision.

Piotr Góralczyk President of the Management Board of RISER Sp. z o.o.”