Manage in an optimal manner – a new version of the Platform
Manage in an optimal manner – a new version of the Platform

This time the new version is a tribute to the extremely demanding group of Platform users – the Administrators system. The 2016.1 version has a number of even newer functions, as well as numerous improvements and optimizations.

The main purpose of the designers was to extend the existing features of configuration and management of the system so as to improve and automate the daily administration work even more.

One of the key novelties contained in this version is a set of innovative functions for the optimal management of databases and archiving of information. The introduced solutions enable, among others:

  • intelligent separation of databases – the possibility to store binary data (appendices, e-mail messages along with the appendices as well as report images) in a separate, dedicated database
  • convenient transfer between the servers
  • much shorter time of creating the necessary backups
  • automatic archiving of binary data in a definable division of, for instance, example information only from the given year or only of the selected types of documents, etc.
  • faster searching for data on extended lists of documents
  • shortening and simplifying the conversion process.

The use of these mechanisms increases the security of data, as well as significantly shortens the time of their archiving.

The workflow area has gained new configuration features within the scope of the management of processes and the generation of documents. Development changes made it possible, among others, to define many independent conditions on a flow, define availability of the flow as well as its validation.

With the 2016.1 version of the Platform it is also possible to interactively improve the document. This feature will be available after starting a new process of document, as well as after generating a new object. Thanks to this feature, after clicking on the icon “Start new process” the user in a document will have the ability to decide whether the newly created document should be automatically opened to be edited.

The scope of changes described above constitutes only a part of the designed and shared features. Check out the list of novelties of the 2016.1 version.