References from MERITUM
References from MERITUM

We can add another document to our section with references confirming high satisfaction with our implementation and INTENSE Platform. Go and take a look.

We have already extensively mentioned the implementation project at Meritum Group. After several months of intensively using the Platform, it’s time to summarize. Below you can find fragments of the received recommendation:

“The implemented system takes our Company to the next level in processes management. The current information on profitability of individual tasks, as well as the entire company, the visible structure of direct and indirect costs provides us with feedback on the optimization of the incurred costs.[...]

At the moment, we have created projects for all our contracts in the INTENSE system and budgets within their framework. Thanks to the electronic circulation of documents, practically all documentation of task implementation is available in the system online. Currently, we have entered several thousand documents into the system database.

Managers have the ability to keep up-to-date with the structure of costs of the tasks executed by them and view the contract documents; furthermore, the system automatically generates e-mails for them with budget performance reports attached in regular and freely defined periods. [...]

MSc. Eng. Marta Chowan, Meritum Project Studio”

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