Millionaires at INTENSE
Millionaires at INTENSE

The number of documents registered by the Customers of INTENSE GROUP is constantly growing. We do not mean hundreds of thousands but millions of documents supported by INTENSE Platform. We are pleased to inform you that another company has joined the group of leaders.

How does it work? Mechanisms for the efficient support of registration of a great number of documents in INTENSE Platform are some of the most modern (and constantly developing) solutions on the market.

The most frequently highlighted advantages of the solution for the circulation of documents are:

  • Several methods for registering one document, depending on the preferences and method of work.
  • Quick registration of many documents scanned at the same time; here you can find a number of additional useful options, e.g. automatic monitoring of folders of scanned documents, transfer of registered documents to other folders, creation of one document from many attachments, etc.
  • Automatic monitoring of the content of the indicated electronic mail boxes, extraction of documents from zip format, automatic creation of new documents.
  • Automatic filling in of the indicated fields of documents thanks to the incorporated OCR mechanisms
  • Numerous validations and control of the entered data.
  • Automatic creation of multi-dimensional archives with a number of features facilitating and optimizing the search of documents, also with full text search.
  • Parallel management of the physical archive of documents.
  • Possibility to fill in the analytical description of documents and automatic transfer to the financial and accounting system.
  • Possibility of simultaneous acceptance of a greater number of documents.
  • Possibility to link documents with each other e.g. an invoice with the order.
  • Possibility to generate/transform one document into another document e.g. generating an invoice from an incoming letter.

The above functions and many other mechanisms of INTENSE Platform constitute a response to the advanced needs of companies registering large numbers of documents. They are successfully used by thousand of operators operating on INTENSE Platform ensuring the efficient and quick registration of large numbers of documents, e.g. invoices, procurements, requests, orders, service requests, as well as the number of other documents.