We are growing stronger – Summary of 2015

We are growing stronger – Summary of 2015


Intensive work and consequent implementation of the strategy proved to be successful. Another successful year has passed at INTENSE GROUP. We would like to thank our Customers, Partners and Employees.

A number of factors contributed to the impressive result, among others, our development trio:

  • Development of a flagship product – INTENSE Platform, resulting in, among others, the prestigious award of Top Builder 2015
  • Development of the knowledge and competencies of employees of INTENSE and Partnership companies (new certificates, training, workshops). The level of the offered services resulted in a number of extensions of projects at existing Customers.
  • Development of the sales chain on the Polish and international market, which has translated into the acquisition of numerous new implementation projects and new Customers.

Platform development

Another year in a row we have invested several percent of our turnover in product development and research. The result of this strategy were 3 versions of INTENSE Platform, full of functional novelties and improvements that covered most software modules. The most important novelties include: a completely new functional module INTENSE Enterprise Service Bus which has been available since May 2015, and a number of new features such as creating shortcuts and links to selected documents, tasks or reports, developing resource reservation mechanisms and collaboration with Microsoft Exchange, numerous changes in budgeting and cost estimation, INTENSE mailbox mechanism (cooperation with mail systems), or two new types of reports.
It is also worth emphasizing that every new version has expanded capabilities of personalized settings so that each operator can optimize their work with tasks and documents, by setting, among others, personalized views, layouts, to match their company's function, way of working and individual preferences.

New implementation projects and extensions of already existing ones

The year 2015 abundant in the expansion of existing installations, and most of them were developed enough to be separate implementation projects. In the same year, the installation of INTENSE Platform was expanded by about 40% of our customers, of which we are very proud. Among them there are companies such as:


and many customers of our partners.

Like every year we have gained a number of new interesting projects, including further international projects. This time INTENSE Platform will be used in the following sectors: printing, energy, trade, construction and investment, logistics, IT, industry, footwear and film. INTENSE Platform is already operating in Slovakia, installations in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Germany start in January, it is being implemented in London now and another analysis is being conducted on the German market.

Specialized applications of INTENSE software

Within the framework of the conducted implementations, based on INTENSE Platform, specialized industry solutions have been created and developed, among others, for:

  • Supporting advanced complaint and service management processes in the international environment
  • Management of the company’s assets based on the INTENSE Inventory Manager module
  • Customer Relationship Management Services – CRM
  • Handling touch-screen production stalls

Affiliate network

At present, most of our partners independently carry out extensive implementation and support projects in country and abroad. Many of them use the Platform also in their daily work. In 2015, we established cooperation with further active Integrators of IT Solutions and we look forward to its fruitful development. As planned, over the past 12 months, we were focusing on closer cooperation with INTENSE authorized partners, among others, we increased the support of their activities (needs research, workshops and daily assistance), and we invited them to cooperate in the creation of product development plans. This area will be constantly developed.

The company and team

To quote a piece of the corporate vision: “We want to make the HUMAN BEING the subject of our activities: a satisfied Customer, a satisfied User and a satisfied Employee”. That is why we are constantly developing our Team within the scope of competencies and staff and as always we care about the friendly environment and the working atmosphere.

To conclude: There’s a lot going on here. We are growing stronger!

We are very thankful for your trust and appreciation of our competence. We will be happy to undertake implementation of further ambitious and complex projects.