Completed project at PGNiG Technologie S.A.

Completed project at PGNiG Technologie S.A.


Another project, realized within the long-term cooperation between INTENSE Group and PGNiG Technologie S.A., was completed.

PGNiG Technologie S.A. is a leader in the market of design, construction, commissioning services, exploitation of oil and natural gas mines, underground gas storage facilities, gas depots, transmission pipelines and the production of drilling rig components in Poland.

The Company is 100% owned by PGNiG S.A., the leader of the natural gas market in Poland and one of the largest companies in Poland.

The cooperation between INTENSE GROUP and Naftomontaż Krosno started in 2011. After the consolidation of technology companies in the PGNiG Group, the PGNiG Technologie S.A. was emerged (taking over i.a. Naftomontaż Krosno).  In 2016, the expansion of the INTENSE Platform was extended to further areas of client activity and OCR mechanism workflows completed in May 2017.