INTENSE Group at the conference to celebrate 10th anniversary of BPC Group

INTENSE Group at the conference to celebrate 10th anniversary of BPC Group


Two months after our meeting in Krakow we had the opportunity to take part in a conference combined additionally with celebrating the tenth birthday of the event organizer.

The conference, held this year in Chorzow, gathered a great number of over one hundred participants, divided into 3 thematic blocks, the first of which concerned the Small and Medium Business sector, the second - production issues, and the third, Business Intelligence and Workflow.

Our company was represented by Tomasz Suchy and Marek Jurkowski who delivered the lecture about automation of processes with the use of INTENSE Platform. The examples of OCR mechanisms usage were discussed as well as number of mechanisms automatically working: documents classification, read-out of its content, analytical description and proceeding by the paths selected by the system. There were also presented the example of the system development including the elements which extend beyond the workflow.

Except typical professional issues, one of the highlights of the program was the BPC's 10th birthday graced by cake degustation and loudly sung “Happy Birthday”. We would like to sincerely thank for the opportunity to participate in this event and wish our partner the next ten years of success and consistent development, as well as further productive cooperation between our companies.