Successful implementation in INTERCOR

Successful implementation in INTERCOR


In May, after just a few months of intensive work, we have finished the project in INTERCOR. We can also proudly inform you that we have received the credentials from that company.

Let’s give our client the voice:

‘Intercor Ltd is a bridge building company. Dynamic development of the enterprise caused increasing number of documents and need of more penetrating costs analyse. In this regard we decided to implement the system enhancing flow of documents in our company and providing detailed analyse of costs we bear.[...]

We signed implementation contract in the end of October 2016. INTENSE Group Ltd declared to make us possible to register first documents at the beginning of January 2017. Few days after signing the contract analytical works have started. Cooperation was so good that we could finish pre-implementation analysis at the end of December 2016. According to INTENSE Group’s declaration, on 5th of January 2017 we registered our first cost invoices in the system.[...]

Right now each of several dozen constructions we are leading is described in the system as a project. Every day we register new documents which are being sent between central office and particular constructions.

Thanks to system’s budgeting function we can verify particular investment’s costs.

We can therefore recommend INTENSE GROUP Ltd as a solid, reliable and well-prepared organisation. Experienced and well-organised personnel of the company is a guarantee of quality and punctuality.’

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