Holding 1 next projects

Holding 1 next projects


2017 brought us succeeding projects in Holding 1 Group - Polish leader of sale and rental of cars.

Holding 1 is a polish capital group operating in 3 sectors: car dealing (PGD Group, Infiniti Poland Group and Slovak Euromotor), car rental (Express Group) and architecture (Megapolis Group).

Holding 1 and Intense Group cooperation resulted in:

  • one of the largest Business Intelligence projects in Poland thanks to which the Central Data Warehouse was created integrating all group’s companies, i.e. dozens of data sources
  • implementation of BPM solutions operating workflow processes (INTENSE Workflow) with the range of automation, OCR text recognition and cooperation with the postal and financial accounting systems
  • management of development projects

In 2017 we have expanded our cooperation by broadening of BPM system for the INTENSE Mobile module using to decrement of costs. 

Estates Management project contained car showrooms and car services, conference halls, warehouses, car washers, garages, common and supportive areas. The system allows for an  automatically accounting and distribution of rents and exploitation fees.