INTENSE Group at Synergy Days Rzeszów

INTENSE Group at Synergy Days Rzeszów


Another Synergy Days conference took place in Rzeszów this time, at the end of November.

Hilton Garden Inn was the place where tens of guests were gathering. There were 5 lectures given by participants and 2 discussion pannels abounded in many interesting opinions.

As we are an innovative company we decided to appoint Tomasz Suchy as our official lecturer instead of Marek Jurkowski. It was his first lecture ever and we have to admit that the presentation on advance process automation was quite interesting. The half-hour lecture met with the response of the audience, and then discussion on definability and flexibilty of the systems had begun.

Right after our lecture and discussion we had an opportunity to discuss directly with the guests came to our stand and after the ending of the conference we could come back to Cracow.