INTENSE Platform 2018.2

INTENSE Platform 2018.2


The holiday season is clearly associated with the sun, calmness and relaxation but this year’s holidays is the time when newest INTENSE Platform version has its premiere.

This is this year’s second version we released and, like the previous one, introduces a number of changes with a large indication of the mobile interface of our solution. From the newest version of our platform, users will be able to enter the elements and items of infoices and describe the document header analytically by their smartphones.

In addition, the latest version introduced, among others:

  • copying forms within one object
  • checking the VAT payer’s status from the customer card
  • installation of the service updating INTENSE Platform without necessity of having any administrative rights

Moreover, INTENSE Platform 2018.2 has expanded possibility of commenting many different objects.

Despite the holiday we have begun works on INTENSE Platform 2018.3 which means that the newest version is expected to be released this year as well.