Instalbud recommends INTENSE Platform and implements the next elements of the system

Instalbud recommends INTENSE Platform and implements the next elements of the system


Instalbud Sp. z o.o. joined the group of our clients last year and after a few months from the end of the implementation he sent us his references. What is more, a few days ago they sent us a reference letter with some warm words about the Platform.

Instalbud uses INTENSE Platform for project management, however, due to the growing needs, they decided to implement the Base of Equipment and Transport. Thanks to this, the client will be able to record documents related to the issuance, returns or liquidation of equipment, which aims to organize the process of equipment management in the company.

However, we are pleased to receive references from our system from Instalbud. Letters of reference received from our customers are a clear signal that the product we provide is a high quality solution, and the services we provide are perceived as reliable and professional. The more we are happy about the situation in which the client issues us with such a recommendation after only a few months of using our system. This is information for us that INTENSE Platform can bring tangible benefits to its users very quickly and that such an investment returns after a short time.

To confirm these words, we place a fragment of the reference letter below:

‘The software implemented by INTENSE gives us a wide range of possibilities when it comes to document management, work on construction projects, and cost control. Each of these elements is largely automated, which facilitates our work and influences the efficiency of our enterprise.’

Full content of the reference letter

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