INTENSE Platform 2018.3 is out now

INTENSE Platform 2018.3 is out now


We are pleased to announce that at the end of November we have released the third version of INTENSE Platform this year.

INTENSE Platform 2018.3, along with the INTENSE Mobile module (in the www version and for smartphones) offers a number of new products, among which it is worth indicating:

  • extended functionality of replacements, allowing for very easy configuration of work during someone's absence
  • changes in cost estimates and budgets
  • a new visualization of the number of unread tasks
  • changing the way of defining action buttons on forms
  • multilingualism of the browser and mobile versions with machines translating forms
  • the ability to personalize the browser and mobile versions (logos, company colors)
  • and dozens of other functions.

Feel free to contact us and read the news, reminding you that the version is available free of charge to all customers who have an active warranty on the system.