Synergy Days in Warsaw

Synergy Days in Warsaw


On November 15, we had the opportunity to appear at another conference organized by BPC Group. This time the meeting took place at the Golden Tulip hotel in Warsaw and gathered representatives of companies providing software for business management.

November meeting at Synergy Days took place in the form of workshops and was aimed at raising topics related to trends and new functionalities in workflow systems. An important element of the workshop were also blocks devoted to the creation of own, unique processes and documents that were intended to show the flexibility of the proposed solutions.

INTENSE Group, entering the theme of the Warsaw Synergy Days, presented a specific guide titled 'Make yourself a system', in which Marek Jurkowski and Tomasz Suchy generated a new document that they introduced into the exemplary organization. Then, they carried out an exemplary process of circulation of this document, which went through various positions in the company, thus supporting INTENSE Platform from the level of the classic, browser and mobile interface. In this way, we managed to show the multitude of possibilities proposed by INTENSE Platform.

After the lecture, we had the opportunity to talk with the participants of the meeting and tell them about the details of our solution.