References from MS Refrigeration

References from MS Refrigeration


Good news is coming straight from London! Kotrak S.A. - our Katowice partner - received a reference letter from MS Refrigeration, which certifies the quality of Intense Platform.

MS Refrigeration Ltd specializes in the provision of services and supply of air conditioning and refrigeration networks. Since 2010, it also deals in the distribution of parts and the repair of cold stores and freezers.

From 2017, MS Refrigeration is a user of Intense Platform. Based on the content of the reference letter, we can say that our solution works not only on the Polish market, but also in UK:

'[...] After analyzing the offers, we decided to implement Intense Platform provided by Kotrak S.A. Thanks to modern software, our work in a short time has become noticeably simpler. Registration and storage of documents and attachments are carried out in the system, thanks to which we have quick and easy access to data. Four key types of documents have been improved: offer, report, invoice and commissioning report. We have the ability to generate printouts of documents and fast shipments to our contractors. The system includes a database of contractors, products and employees, once with describing parameters that are important from the company's point of view.'

Full content of the reference letter

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