References from CZH

References from CZH


Good news straight from Katowice! CZH S.A. has sent references regarding the implementation process and the operation itself in their structure of INTENSE Platform.

CZH Group is a company operating in the commercial, logistics and real estate sectors. It provides its customers with steel products, materials and products for industry and construction, as well as high quality steam coal.

CZH has been using INTENSE Platform for 4 years and, as it is said on the reference letter, INTENSE Platform is operating there without any problems:

'The implemented software has allowed us to significantly accelerate and facilitate the preparation of substantial reports. The time of their generation is extremely fast, also when using extensive schemes. We have control over how many products we sold, what was the value of sales and margins. [...]

We are very pleased with the implemented IT system. Business processes are handled quickly, and thanks to multidimensional reporting we have full, ongoing control over them.'

Full content of the reference letter