References from Terg

References from Terg


It is fantastic to announce that our 4-year cooperation with Terg S.A. resulted not only in successful implementation of the system but also in obtaining the reference letter related to our own INTENSE Platform.

Terg S.A. is a well-known brand that manages electronic chain stores of Media Expert, Electro and Avans. INTENSE Platform Enterprise Service Bus is a part of our platform which is used by the client. What is more we provide our services of Technical Assistance.

The statement of Terg’s General Director is a great summary of our cooperation:

 ‘We appreciate flexibility of INTENSE Platform, as well as cooperation with INTENSE Group which is a producer of the software. Professionalism of INTENSE Group’s implementation team and their knowledge makes a big impression. From our point of view INTENSE Platform is a software equipped with many useful tools and it is open, efficient and scalable solution.’

Full content of the reference letter