INTENSE Group – the new partner of Wisła Kraków!

INTENSE Group – the new partner of Wisła Kraków!


New year, new partner of the White Star! We are pleased to announce that INTENSE Group joined the group of companies cooperating with Wisła Kraków, becoming at the same time the Official Partner of the Club.

INTENSE GROUP is a Polish producer and supplier of modern IT solutions supporting effective company management and specializing in the following areas:

• workflow and documents;

• management and automation of BPM business processes;

• project management and budgeting;

• system integration (Enterprise Service Bus);

• business intelligence, controlling and management accounting.

In addition, which is extremely important nowadays, Intense also provides mobile tools. Thanks to the advanced mobile application, you can easily settle current affairs anywhere, anytime from your phone.

‘Acquiring INTENSE Group as a Partner will undoubtedly help in the successful organization of the Club. Thanks to INTENSE Gorup we will be able to improve work and document circulation and introduce Wisła's financial management to the highest level’ - said Piotr Obidziński, the President of Wisła Kraków SA.

‘We are very pleased that the finals of our negotiations coincided with such important victories this season. They are very valuable in the perspective of the rest of the season. We are convinced that our cooperation will help the Club in the reorganization of internal processes and - as a result - in increasing the efficiency of his business. Time for new challenges and further victories!’ - Added President of INTENSE Group, Piotr Ukowski.