INTENSE Group at the BPC Training Center

INTENSE Group at the BPC Training Center


This year's first BPC conference with our participation took place in Chorzów and was another opportunity to present the capabilities of INTENSE Platform. This time we decided to expand our conference crew, which, in addition to Marek Jurkowski and Tomasz Suchy, was powered by Anna Gnyla - the manager of the Consulting Department recently established in our company.

"You can do more with us" - this was the motto that accompanied us during the speech. We wanted to draw the attention of participants that the circulation of invoices and letters is clearly a standard and it is obvious that the system supports such processes together with reading the content of the attachment (OCR mechanism). The purpose of our presentation was to show other, more advanced system capabilities, in particular examples of automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI).

During the lecture we presented an example of how an automated CRM process works. By reading the QR code, the content of the business card was immediately entered into the system, so we could register a new contractor in the database. Based on the Contact with the Customer, subsequent documents were automatically generated: Offer and then Order. We used synchronization with the e-mail account, thanks to which an email with an offer was sent to the client directly from the app.

The order also included delivery planning. For this purpose, the mechanism of reading locations from Google Maps was used, and based on the address we obtained exact geographical coordinates and a link to the map. All these elements are obviously aimed at improving the logistics process related to the delivery of goods.

The whole was crowned with our BI module, i.e. reports that presented the number and value of offers and orders in the customer's perspective and what percentage of offers later translated into orders. Of course, all these elements were presented in three different interfaces: Windows, WWW and Mobile, in which, in addition to the previously mentioned processes, we also showed elements of project management and budgeting.

After interesting talks in the lobby and exchanging business cards, we finished our participation in the meeting and began to devise a script for the next lecture. The next opportunity will be in May when we appear at the next BPC Training Center, which will be held in Warsaw at the time.