Alegre recommends INTENSE Platform

Alegre recommends INTENSE Platform


In the difficult times we are witnessing, all the good news is at a premium. We are all the more glad that the client of our partner - Alegre Logistic - sent a reference letter in which it relates to our software.

Alegre Logistic Sp. z o.o. is a transport and forwarding company based in Malbork, which has been bravely pushing out on the Polish market for 15 years. INTENSE Platform has been helping Alegre since 2019 and everything indicates that it does it effectively. Chief Financial Officer of Alegre informs that:

‘INTENSE Platform supports us with the electronic circulation of shopping fact, additionally supported by a special INTENSE Agent module, which generates automatic alerts and notifications, accelerating the work of the system. All processes are reflected in reports that are generated in the system and which provide us with information in relation to individual processes.’

We hope that the cooperation between Alegre and Insoft in the context of INTENSE Platform will develop dynamically, but the words of the client make us optimistic about it:

‘We are very pleased with the system itself as well as subsequent cooperation at the stage of system use. Considering that INTENSE Platform is very broad software, we do not rule out the development of the system by further functional areas.’

Full content of the reference letter

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