References from Pol-Met

References from Pol-Met


The year 2020 is almost halfway through, so at INTENSE work is booming on many fronts. Today we can inform you about the next fruit of our work which are references from Pol-Met.

Pol-Met is a company with which we established cooperation in 2018. For 14 years, she has been dealing with the general contracting of industrial and agricultural halls as well as steel structures. The needs of Pol-Met in the context of computerization of processes oscillated around the management of construction projects, budgeting and electronic circulation of project documentation.

Importantly, even during the implementation process, the client decided to enlarge the installation, and after the content of the reference letter we conclude that it rather do not regret this decision:

‘Thanks to the implementation of INTENSE PLATFORM, POL-MET can manage projects in which it is involved in an easier and more effective way, register all information and documents related to ongoing contracts in a faster and very intuitive way, analyze their progress and profitability on an ongoing basis.


I hereby recommend the INTENSE PLATFORM and INTENSE employees to other entities interested in choosing a good and proven solution, in addition implemented by a team of people familiar with the construction industry and involved in the implementation of projects for their clients.‘

Full content of the reference letter

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