References from Tree Capital

References from Tree Capital


Compliments from our clients are always satisfying, because they testify not only to the quality of the software we offer, but also to good cooperation and efficient implementation. The reference letter that has recently reached us is full of phrases of this type directed towards INTENSE - both by the Platform and our team.

Last fall, we informed about establishing cooperation with Tree Capital. Today, after several months of working, we can boast not only efficiently implemented implementation, but also references issued by a client who speaks about our system in this way:

'The implementation of INTENSE Platform was a success, because thanks to it we computerized the circulation of letters, orders and invoices, and we integrated these elements with the ERP system functioning in our company. In this way, individual documents are sent between systems with single clicks, so there is no need to enter these elements twice. In addition, the system has been equipped with a mobile / web interface, thanks to which we can operate the system without the need for physical presence in the company, which enables trouble-free introduction of remote work modes in the company.'

The task of our Platform is to facilitate the work of our clients. Thank you for your trust and we wish you fruitful work with the Platform.

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