We are not slowing down! The new version of INTENSE Platform is now available!

We are not slowing down! The new version of INTENSE Platform is now available!


The holiday season is in full swing, maybe this is the right time to update your INTENSE Platform? This time, for the holidays, we are delivering another, very rich in interesting, new features version 2020.2 of INTENSE Platform.

And what can you find in this version?

• Inbox - our task list has been equipped with a panel that allows you to perform flows by selecting the appropriate tile or by dragging and dropping a given task (drag & drop). While working with the list of tasks, you can also simultaneously view comments and attachments related to this document.


• Analytical description - a very important function of the system, almost always present in the invoice flow. We have many improvements in this area. Currently, the configuration allows for the addition of safeguards, which will make the person filling the decree see only what he is responsible for, what he has the right to, i.e. only his projects and cost centers.


The new version also allows you to enter an analytical description for VAT deduction, both in the header and the item of the document.

The changes apply to both the Windows and INTENSE Mobile versions.

Now, it is possible to add notifications to cost estimates / budgets and assets, as well as something that will probably please the Administrators - copying printouts and actions. As you can see INTENSE Mobile is still growing :) The web application (www) has been equipped with cost estimates and budgets! So, from version 2020.2, we can build and work with budgets in the browser. We know this is a long awaited feature by some, and we hope it will do well in our current work, especially now that we are approaching the budgeting period.

In addition, significant improvements in working with lists of documents:
• We can open the document immediately for editing (for some it will certainly shorten the path to the document)
• We will see comments directly from the list (they can now be turned on in the right panel of the list, they will be displayed in the context of the highlighted document)
• Highlighted refresh button (if the list is not refreshed any longer, it may be out of date, then the refresh button lights up red, so the user knows that you need to click there to work with the current data)
• Inbox auto-refreshing - the task list is crucial in everyday work, so now we can enable the automatic Inbox update option, then our list will always be up to date
• URL preview on attachments and the document form - thanks to this function, the preview of a given page can be displayed directly on the form, using the Browser type control or by adding a URL attachment.


In addition, the panels have been equipped with a new function - so far we have built the panel area from URL links, definable lists, inbox, attachments and project comments, now we can embed a document form in the panel, it will allow us to quickly navigate to a selected, important document, e.g. contractor card details.

The list of introduced changes and new functions is very extensive, it is impossible to even list everything here. We encourage you to read our standard document: Changes in version 2020.2.

The new features introduced in this version will certainly be noticeable in your installations. We also hope that they will allow you to introduce a number of improvements and make working with the application even more enjoyable.