We want to play a game

We want to play a game


The last quarter of the year is always the most demanding period for us, and 2020 is no different, which in many respects is unique. Certainly, one of our successes is the start of implementation in All in! Games.

The computer games industry is new to us - despite the fact that we have carried out over 200 implementation projects so far, we have never implemented our Platform in a company that would deal with this industry branch. We are all pleased that our clients have been joined by a company that is becoming bolder in this industry.

Implementation project in All in! Games is to cover electronic document flow, a reporting module, integration processes, an alert and notification system, and a web / mobile interface. In addition, the client decided to implement the OCR module, which is to help in more efficient handling of documentation from our Platform.

We want to congratulate All in! Games on their good choice and wish them further success, but we do not fall into premature euphoria ourselves, because something tells us that this is not the end of good news when it comes to the end of the year ;)