6th Conference for INTENSE Partners - IT Premier League

6th Conference for INTENSE Partners - IT Premier League


'Time to separate the boys from the men', said the team captain, tying the cleats and out onto the pitch. Neither the rain, nor the autumn chill, nor even the wind, will stop the professional from doing the job. This distinguishes a professional from an amateur.

Our well-coordinated team of experienced consultants from INTENSE team rose to the occasion and on Friday morning, October 16, went out to the pitch to organize another successful competition for our partners as part of the 'IT Premier League' conference.

The prestigious location was to provide a special atmosphere straight from an exciting football match. Initially, the event was to take place in the Presidential Lodge of one of our partners: Wisła Kraków. However, the COVID-19 pandemic and the concern for the health of the event participants influenced the decision to adjust the form of the meeting (online) to the prevailing conditions.

How has INTENSE Platform changed over the last few versions and why is it worth updating applications in customer installations? What is the power of INTENSE Mobile and is mobile business of the future? How to conduct implementations efficiently, quickly and effectively?

The sixth edition of the cyclical event organized by us for our Partners gave a comprehensive answer to these and a number of other questions as part of the issues raised during the workshop. The visiting team also did a great job: the attendance was excellent, and the extra time in the form of a series of brilliant and difficult questions satisfied even the most demanding fans of the IT discipline. Invariably in the stands: positive atmosphere and a lot of smiles - as befits a friendly match.

There could be only one winner of the match: it was clear to those gathered that we all play to the same goal. We want our partners to be up to date with the INTENSE strategy and tactics. We wish that, as our proud representatives, delight customers with proven plays, and with their specialist knowledge, they would be able to win every battle in the difficult field of competition for the full satisfaction of the users of our platform.

Time to retire? I do not think so! Full concentration, intense workouts, confident and balanced movements - expect the results soon. Ready for another whistle?