References from Mostostal Warszawa

References from Mostostal Warszawa


Christmas are getting closer and closer, so it seems that one of our clients, Mostostal Warszawa, has decided to give us a small present. A few days ago, we received a reference letter that confirms the quality of  INTENSE Platform implementation in this company.

We have been cooperating with the Warsaw-based Mostostal since 2016. After the pre-implementation analysis was completed, our client decided to expand the already substantial scope of implementation, which finally included the following elements:

• Electronic document flow

• Workflow of various types of tasks

• Support for risk assessment cards

• Controlling records of project costs

• HR area

• Handling orders and protocols

• Integration with financial and accounting systems as well as HR and payroll systems

• System of alerts and notifications automating the operation of the software

• INTENSE Enterprise Service Bus

And how did this implementation go?

‘We hereby certify that INTENSE Group completed above task within the set deadline, and the technical support consultants assigned to us fulfill their obligations in the field of post-implementation service on an ongoing basis.’

The words of the client show that we have nothing to be ashamed of :)

Full content of the reference letter

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