THERMA implements Electronic Customer Service Center via INTENSE Mobile.

THERMA implements Electronic Customer Service Center via INTENSE Mobile.


The customer service process is easy and friendly as never before, thanks to the implementation of Electronic Customer Service Center!

The company based in Bielsko-Biała has been providing heat to various physical and economic entities in the city of Bielsko-Biała and the surrounding area for several decades. The company has recently taken another important step towards further increasing customer satisfaction by implementing Electronic Customer Service Center.

The new platform will significantly improve communication through the possibility of direct contact between the company and the client. The user will be able to easily verify heat consumption, having access to current payments. The application will also enable quick and efficient payment of bills in the form of e-invoices. The customer will be able to register the application and ask a question (both via the website platform and mobile app via Android or iOS), along with the possibility of tracking the progress of the case. In addition, all messages from the supplier will be sent automatically, both via in-app notifications and in the form of email messages. The user will also have easy access to the current terms of his contract, without having to search the home archive. All details of the signed contract will be transparently available in the customer's account.

The integrated tool that will optimize the work of the Customer Service Office has a friendly, clear interface, is characterized by intuitive navigation ‘on one click’ and multifunctional use.

The innovative solution, making the customer service process easy and pleasant, was possible to implement primarily due to the efficient and fruitful cooperation between THERMA and INTENSE Group, using the wide range of possibilities offered by INTENSE Mobile!