DIY - Creating applications without developers

DIY - Creating applications without developers


The trend leading to the automation of (not only) business processes, noticeable for many years, accelerated at a dizzying pace over the past several months. In order to survive, many companies had to adapt their activities to the conditions of functioning in the new reality of remote work.


For a long time, slogans such as Rapid Application Development or Robotic Process Automation have been gaining popularity, and the role and importance of platforms known as low-code has been growing. Although such tools appeared on the market already in the 90s of the last century, the era of "new digitization" resulting from the pandemic situation became the impetus for the development of this type of software. Briefly, they can be characterized as solutions that allows to create applications without the need to know programming languages.


A great example of a low-code platform is… of course, our flagship product, INTENSE Platform. Interestingly, when asked about the current trend, we answer shortly: "we did it before it was fashionable". As one of the first in Poland, we were well aware of the importance of easy definability for users without the participation of developers. 

One of the main assumptions was to build a system that would adapt to the customer. In particular, it was important for us to provide a tool for fast and efficient digitization of "know-how", increasing the competitiveness of customers. Now, the current market seems to confirm what was clear to us several years ago.


We adapt our application in effective and flexible way to the handling and integration of many processes within the organization, as well as the implementation of tasks resulting from dynamically changing market realities.

Changes of external conditions force companies to constantly adapt their internal processes. In order to meet numerous business needs reported by users, the INTENSE Platform enables instant configuration of new solutions without the need for programmers. The ability to use the web and mobile interface allows access to the application anywhere and at any time.

Providing at the same time high security and low service costs, fast effect and effective support, the INTENSE Platform fits in with the current market trends and meets customer expectations, being a reliable and proven business solution suitable for uncertain times.

It is worth mentioning that many of described activities are carried out under the project "INTELLIGENT PLATFORM INTENSE BPMS: an innovative platform for generating BPMS mobile applications without the participation of developers", co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.