References from Ekoplast S.A.

References from Ekoplast S.A.


Ekoplast is a perfect example of a company from our local environment, which thanks to the highest quality products and innovative solutions, dominates the domestic market and successfully expands into European directions.


The company, based in the vicinity of Krakow, has been operating in the market for over 20 years. It specializes in the production and sale of PVC and aluminum windows and doors, but also roller shutters, external blinds, garage doors and a wide range of accessories.

The key pillars of Ekoplast's business are responsible for the success and recognition of the brand. It is primarily the highest quality as a standard in the offer, which is manifested in the selection of proven subcontractors, perfection in execution and the best product parameters. Flexibility, resulting from the experience gained on foreign markets, allows the company to be constantly open to the expectations of partners as well as business and individual clients. It concerns, among others, the demand for atypical windows manufactured on special order. The joy of caring for customer satisfaction is the added value of each transaction, and full automation makes the company offer the best products, produced by highly qualified, experienced employees using the latest technologies.

The above-mentioned aspects give the company a solid competitive advantage on the Polish market and allow to expand its international operations: the company currently operates mainly on the French and French-speaking countries, as well as the German and Italian markets.


Ekoplast S.A. is also a long-term client of INTENSE Group, who has recently decided to sum up our good cooperation. In the references sent by the company, we can read:



The company uses our system with multilingual interface to digitize incoming and outgoing correspondence including integration with the e-mail account. The platform supports the electronic circulation of documents between process participants (including contracts, cost invoices, internal purchases and external purchase orders). Our software also enables data integration with the Comarch ERP Optima accounting system used in the company.

The use of numerous actions and automation supports processes in the area of project management and enables the creation of dedicated printouts and reports. Thanks to this, our client can keep track of the progress of work and the achievement of set goals, as well as obtain any other valuable management information that helps in the ongoing control of production and sales.

We are very pleased that the company from our backyard, but also a dynamically developing leader in its industry, appreciates the INTENSE Platform and recently expanded the scope of implementation with new investments in the area of mobile and web solutions. We would like to thank Ekoplast for its trust and wish the company every success in its further development and expansion on international markets!