New version of INTENSE Platform 2021.2

New version of INTENSE Platform 2021.2


The newest version of INTENSE Platform is now available! Check out the most important changes in the new 2021.2 release.

Summer, summer everywhere, and the weather like in a tropical jungle - once 39 degrees Celsius and streaks of sweat flowing onto the keyboard, and after a few minutes, streams of heavy rain and hail the size of ping-pong balls.

Yes, the weather is capricious this July, and the so-called dog days are in full swing - after all, it's almost half of the holidays!

However, summer "slack season" definitely does not apply to us, and the effect of the intensified work of the last three months is the new version of INTENSE Platform.

INTENSE Platform 2021.2 is - traditionally - both completely new functions and the development of existing solutions. All changes are intended to further optimize the work of users and save their time and money, so that the satisfaction with using our system increases constantly.


What can we expect in the new version? Here are our TOP 5 changes in INTENSE Platform 2021.2:

1. Comments development - categorization and adding attachments option.

In version 2021.2, new features have been introduced in the field of widely used comments for documents, dictionaries and projects. The first is the ability to use categories for comments. A dedicated color can be assigned to the category, which will allow for their proper ordering, clear viewing, and most importantly, managing what a given operator should see. Thanks to this, it is possible to divide comments (e.g. into internal and external comments).

The second new feature in the described area is the option to add attachments to comments, which will significantly improve communication within the Platform. We believe that the contextual display of screenshots, files or documents in the form of a link under the comment will prove to be a very convenient solution for all users of INTENSE Platform. This function is available both when adding comments from the level of the object preview and during the execution of flows.

2. Reports in the web-mobile module.

Another important feature that we have developed in INTENSE Mobile/WWW module is broadly understood reporting. Reports are an important operational and strategic part of each implementation. In the current reality, there is a need for ongoing access to actual results, indicators or various types of analyzes. To meet these expectations, in version 2021.2 we have introduced a report viewer from the level of the web and mobile application. We encourage users to use reports in the form of pivot tables (SQL and OLAP), where they can create and save layouts, or present the results in the form of colorful, dynamically changing charts, which make the presented data much more attractive.


3. Gantt chart in web budgets.

INTENSE Platform has been supporting project management for many years. We know that this module is widely used in the daily work of our clients, therefore we are constantly working on developing this area and introducing new functions that will be able to meet the needs of users.

That is why we present you the Gantt chart. In the web application, from the schedule level, it is possible to define resources and the percentage of completion of individual tasks. The applied solution also allows you to control the duration of the task, i.e. manage its start and end date. This is the first version of the functionality, which will be further developed in subsequent system releases. However, we believe that the graphic way of planning and controlling tasks will improve your daily work related to project management.


4. Development of multilingualism - translations of dictionaries and items.

At INTENSE Group, we think globally, which is why we invest in the development of multilingualism. The web-mobile interface of our system can work freely in many languages. The new version of INTENSE Platform provides even more tools for this, because now it is possible to translate the content of selected data in dictionaries and items. Depending on the language selected by the operator when logging in to the application, the data in the lists and fields will be displayed in accordance with the translation entered in the configuration. If the managers are thinking about the company's development and expansion to other countries in Europe and the world - INTENSE Platform will certainly help in the implementation of these activities.

5. New web document archive.

In the latest edition of the Platform, we have equipped the well-known panel in the web application with the ability to display directories with files. This solution can be successfully used to present design and technical documentation, all kinds of instructions or the presentation of marketing materials (e.g. by creating product catalogs). Thanks to this new functionality, files do not have to be stored in the database, because in this case we use the resources on the server with IIS.


Changes in the new edition of INTENSE Platform obviously go beyond the list presented above. The latest version 2021.2 also includes many other novelties and improvements, such as the ability to define and 'pin' resources to projects, visual changes to indicators (preview on the definition along with the possibility of defining parameters), a new method of downloading exchange rates from NBP for a specific time period or improvements to the performance of the SQL Diagnostic tool.

The full list of changes is available in the documentation for the new version attached to the installation CD.

We strongly encourage to use the latest version of INTENSE Platform 2021.2 and we hope that all users will be satisfied with the new development of our system.

INTENSE Group team.