Electronic signature of attachments in INTENSE Platform

Electronic signature of attachments in INTENSE Platform


INTENSE Platform is a comprehensive system that optimizes key processes taking place in every organization. Effective enterprise management would not be possible without the ongoing update of the tools used to achieve this goal.


Our system is constantly improved and updated in order to meet the business needs arising from the dynamically changing conditions of the functioning of companies in today's world. Three new versions of the Platform, released each year, are both an improvement of existing solutions and a number of completely new functions. In one of the latest system updates, a new option has appeared: adding an electronic signature of attachments in the INTENSE Platform web application.


A trend that we have seen for a long time has accelerated sharply over the past year. We are currently experiencing moving more and more areas of our everyday life to virtual space. Both our private life and the entire public and business area are being digitized. The need for virtual authorization of many documents has become an urgent need, which we responded to with the premiere of INTENSE Platform 2020.3.

The latest version of the system, which appeared at the end of last year, contained a list of changes that were our reaction to the pandemic situation and the need to adapt our activities to the requirements of remote work. The ability to sign documents efficiently and securely has made it much easier for many organizations to communicate with public administration, suppliers and customers. Electronic authorization of various types of contracts, orders or letters improves everyday administrative and organizational work and saves time and resources. It is also a concern for the common good, expressed in minimizing the risk resulting from unnecessary interpersonal contacts.

It is worth recalling that according to the law, a qualified signature has the same properties as a handwritten signature. In some respects, a digital signature offers even more benefits, including:

  • Document integrity - certainty that no one has interfered with the content of the document. At the time of signing, a checksum is created and the file is encrypted with a key.
  • Sender authentication - a reliable identification of the identity of the person signing the document. The electronic signature procedure of a specific person cannot be copied without the owner's knowledge.
  • Non-repudiation - only the owner of the signature may be able to place it, which makes it possible to make online transactions in a safe manner.
  • Savings - electronically signed documents are transferred digitally, which reduces additional costs of transport and communication.
  • Security - It is forbidden by law to dispose of signed documents and sensitive company content in the trash without destroying them first. Such activities also generate unnecessary risk from the point of view of protecting the interests of the organization. A digital document is much easier to store and "utilize".


Signing attachments with a qualified signature using INTENSE Platform web interface takes place in a few simple steps. After connecting the medium with the signature to the computer and clicking the "Sign on attachment" option on the attachment control, in the case of a PDF file, the system will ask if you want to go into the interactive mode (the electronic signature also includes other extensions, graphic or text files). A window with a preview will appear, where it will be possible to indicate the place and sign the document with a PIN code. The document will be kept both in its original version and with an affixed electronic signature. This process is well illustrated by the video below with English subtitles available

The discussed functionality is, of course, only one of the advantages of our system, the recall of which seems to be important in the times of progressive digitization of our lives - a trend that is particularly noticeable in the area of business activities. We encourage everyone who wants to learn more about other advantages of the system we offer - INTENSE Platform - to follow the news on our website. We present there interesting functions of the Platform supporting effective management of work, time and organization!