INTENSE Platform in the development industry

INTENSE Platform in the development industry


Torus is a development company from Gdańsk, specializing in construction and in rental of modern office space. The company is also a long-term client of the INTENSE Group, whose representatives have recently shared their opinion about the INTENSE Platform and about cooperating with us.


The mission of Torus is to provide modern office space, and the priority is quality and customer satisfaction. Through its activities, the company aims to be the partner of choice in the commercial real estate segment. The company was founded in 2002 and has an extensive investment portfolio and market know-how. Compared to the market, the company's projects are distinguished by quality and functionality. The consistently implemented development strategy and the competences of the ever-growing team allow the company to achieve world-class standards, thanks to which Torus has gained recognition from a wider group of customers and partners, including international ones. The company is proud of the fact that by setting market trends in many areas, it has become an inspiration for the Polish commercial real estate market.


Torus is also a long-term client of the INTENSE Group. Cooperation with the company began in 2011, and the main goal of the project, presented during business talks and analytical meetings, was to implement an integrated tool that will improve the management of the main activities of the company. Currently, the INTENSE Platform is used in the company in the following areas:

  • Budgeting and scheduling of investment, real estate and marketing projects.
  • Registration and records of contracts with subcontractors, as well as executive and as-built documentation.
  • Settlements with tenants and automation of the invoicing and re-invoicing process.
  • Records of assets.
  • Circulation of cost documents with controlling assignment and integration with the accounting system.
  • An extensive reporting module that allows for smarter decision-making, build successful business forecasts and monitor budgets and timelines. All of these tools enable effective project controlling.


Our client's representatives have recently shared their opinions about the advantages and possibilities of using the INTENSE Platform. In the reference letter sent we read, among others:


These references are available at this link. We encourage you to read them for your information.

We would like to thank our client for the positive opinion on our system and for cooperating with us, wishing Torus further development on the real estate market and great business success.

INTENSE Group Team