PGNiG Technologie S.A.

"We chose INTENSE Platform - an easy-to-use solution that allowed us, among others, to systematize and speed up processes, improved the implementation of our strategic goals and allowed to significantly reduce and optimize the costs of activities in the company."

"The intuitiveness and ergonomics of the software are worth emphasizing."

"The platform is not closed software, so we could decide to develop it. A team of INTENSE Group consultants is currently in the process of extending our installation with the process of delegation circulation (domestic and foreign), as well as the handling of absences. It is possible that in the future we will decide on further development work, because cooperation with INTENSE Group consultants is marked by professionalism and timeliness of the work performed."

"Today, after several years of cooperation, we can recommend INTENSE Platform to other clients with a clear conscience, and confirm that INTENSE Group not only rose to the occasion in terms of system implementation, but also in the area of subsequent cooperation. We are deeply convinced that the manufacturer of INTENSE Platform software is a company worth recommending that can take care of the needs of its customers."