‘Multilanguage work environment and specific requirements of particular orderers including different methods of reparations of reclaimed devices, different ways of  reporting, necessity of collecting contrary data etc. – all of these factors were connected with much difficulties in copying those processes in one, coherent IT system and required constant modifications of the system.

[…] INTENSE Platform proved to be exactly what we were searching for – an universal platform for configuring our own, specific processes. The Platform provides for elastic composing of operation sequences, flow between them and make them dependent on international multi-branch company. And so INTENSE Platform is an ideal environment for copying complicated conditions and related operations assumed within one contract. The users don’t need to make use of procedures and learn detailed, developed rules of service of the projects because most of those parameters and relations are saved in rules of every programmed process. User’s interface is multilanguage – area description contained in the system forms can be adjusted to operator’s language. Many actions can be done automatically by arranged parameters and schedule.’