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‘INTENSE Platform supports us in electronic circulation of cost invoices and contracts. It has been integrated with our financial and accounting system, thanks to which, after the invoice circulation process at INTENSE is completed, the cost documents go to the ERP system, in which they are posted.

Given the visible impact of INTENSE Platform on our business, we can certify the quality of this software, which not only met our needs in the context of computerization of business processes, but also gave opportunities to create new elements in the system. INTENSE Platform is flexible, efficient and fully definable software. Not without significance in the final assessment of the system's assets is cooperation with INTENSE Group consultants who perform their tasks without charge, both in terms of strictly implementation and consulting elements, at the stage of using the system by our company. '

Arleta Bogdanowicz

Member of the Board

Marcin Pabisek

Member of the Boar