AP Flota is a company specializing in vehicle fleet development, offering top-notch solutions distinguished by their superior quality, which stems from a profound understanding of the automotive market.

The company's history dates back to 2000 when a Toyota Authorized Dealer Station was established in Siedlce. In 2007, another company was founded - Auto Podlasie CorpoCars Management Sp. z o.o. "AP Flota" - with activities focused on comprehensive long-term and medium-term vehicle rentals, as well as fleet management for various brands.

AP Flota is not only a pioneer in the field of car fleet outsourcing in Poland but is also directly affiliated with reputable Toyota, Ford, and Nissan dealers. The company's services encompass a wide range of car fleet solutions, from advising on selecting the most suitable vehicles for a company's operations, handling financing and insurance matters, to providing full-service care and facilitating used car sales.