The Pozkal Printing House in Inowrocław has been at the forefront of the best book printing houses in Poland...

...and the largest enterprises in the region for many years. It is a private company with entirely Polish capital, currently owned by Artur Chęsy. In a short time, thanks to dedication, ambition and innovation in decision-making, Pozkal gained the reputation of an extremely valuable printing house, associated with great potential and reputation, employing approx. 250 employees and using 12,500 sq m of production space.

Modern machinery, experienced staff, implemented and applied European management standards and over a hundred years of tradition of the art of printing in Kujawy allow the company to cooperate with the most demanding customers in the country and abroad. It is also the best pass to international markets, as nearly 20% of orders come from demanding foreign publishers, mainly from Scandinavia, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Great Britain.

The main activity of Pozkal is book production - printing of books in various bindings. Annually, approx. 2.8 million hardcover books are produced, approx. 8 million in brochure-glued, approx. 12 million in notebook and approx. 0.5 million in integrated books. In total, it is over 23 million printed books in various bindings.