The BRUK-BET company has been producing concrete products since 1984, and is currently one of the leading...

...and highly respected Polish producers.

The name Bruk-Bet is clearly associated with the wide range of paving stones and innovative terrace tiles. However, the remarkable strength of the company is also built by other brands: Termalica, Bruk-Bet Solar, Georyt and Intrac, which are leaders in their industries on the Polish market.

The Termalica construction system made of aerated concrete is a comprehensive solution for the construction of both single and multi-layer walls of external and internal buildings, recommended especially in energy-saving and passive construction.

The Bruk-Bet Solar brand is a leading Polish manufacturer offering high-quality photovoltaic modules and BIPV, the creator of the largest photovoltaic farm in Poland.

The list of brands included in the Bruk-Bet company is supplemented by: Georyt - a producer of aggregates for the construction industry mined in its own four mines, and Intrac - offering prefabricated products for sewage, road and rail infrastructure.