Colian is not only a dynamically operating Polish capital group. It is an organization that fulfills the tastiest dreams of consumers,...

...passionately delivering the highest quality food products to the market.

The Colian Holding SA capital group (formerly Colian SA) includes, among others, the following companies: Colian sp.z o.o. (formerly Jutrzenka Colian) and Colian Logistic sp.z o.o. The company's potential, created over the years, made it possible to gain a strong position on the Polish market.

Colian sp.z o.o. operates within three business divisions: sweets, culinary (spices, dried fruits) and drinks. Its portfolio includes well-known, popular brands: Goplana, Solidarność, Jutrzenka, Grześki, Familijne, Jeżyki, Akuku !, Appetita, Siesta and Hellena. These brands are constantly strengthening their position on the market, successfully gaining high positions in individual categories. Colian is consistently expanding into foreign markets.