FUCHS is a company of German origin, which has been developing, manufacturing and...

...selling lubricants and related products for more than 85 years, practically for all areas of use and for all sectors. FUCHS Group has 60 companies and employs almost 5000 employees around the world, thanks to which it is a leading independent supplier of lubricants.

FUCHS has more than 100 000 customers, including companies from the following sectors: suppliers for automotive industry, OEM, mining and quarrying, metal processing, agriculture and forestry, aviation industry, energetics, machine construction, construction and transport, as well as steel, metal and cement industry, enterprises from the food industry, glass production sector, foundry and forging industry.

FUCHS OIL CORPORATION (PL) Sp. z o.o. has been operating in Poland for more than 25 years. From a small distribution company comprising only a few employees, it became a major player, manufacturing more than 22 thousand tons of oils and grease per year. In Central and Eastern Europe it is the leading company of Fuchs Group.