The company has been operating in the steel industry since 1993, running three quality steel wholesalers.

Many years of cooperation with domestic and foreign suppliers recognized in the steel market have made the offered steel products so popular with customers. Multistal's offer includes the following quality steels:

  • tool steel for cold work
  • tool steel for hot work
  • shallow-hardening tool steel
  • high speed steel
  • martensitic stainless steel
  • steel for plastic molds
  • spring steel
  • steel for thermal improvement
  • carburizing steel
  • steel for nitriding
  • bearing steel
  • structural steel of higher quality
  • wear-resistant sheets

In the company's wholesalers, you can find steel products from Polish and foreign steel mills, round bars, flat bars, square bars, sheets, forgings, plates and steel blocks. Over 12 thousand tons of steel are available in Multistal's warehouses.