CZH S.A. Group is a company with a rich tradition and experience that has been operating on the market for 70 years.

Currently, it is a commercial and investment company, the majority shareholder of which is Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu S.A. The company operates in: trade, logistics and real estate management.

The main area of commercial activity is the metallurgical and mining sectors. CZH S.A. Group is a supplier of steel products and other materials and products for industry and construction. It offers, among others : various types of hot-rolled sheets, hot-rolled steel sections, slabs, steel rings and flanges, special bolts and nuts for the assembly of mining housings and forgings. It also supplies steel products to coal companies (including pavement linings, cladding meshes, pipe struts, stirrups, flange pipes and shearer knives).

Since 2018, the Company has been involved in providing high-quality and calorific value of imported steam coal for the purposes of the commercial power industry, in order to enrich the raw material supplied from the domestic market.