The PGD Group is the first Polish dealer group; precursor of multi-branding in Poland.

The PGD Group is the first dealer in Poland that established a (multi-brand) car dealership abroad and exceeded the limit of 10,000 cars sold a year and 250,000 cars sold in history. Since 2004, the company has been listed on the list of 500 largest Polish companies prepared by the editorial offices of recognized newspapers: "Polityka" and "Rzeczpospolita".

The position of the PGD Group on the sales and after-sales services market is also unquestionable. The Group is the largest recipient of Ford, Nissan and Suzuki original spare parts in Poland, and the largest trading partner of Standox, a manufacturer of varnish materials.

The PGD Group operates in accordance with the principles of corporate social responsibility, considering them as the basis for proper relations with the environment. As a founder and member of the Association of Car Dealers, the Group adheres to set ethical standards in its activities. Therefore, it applies the CSR policy and the Code of Ethics, which include, inter alia, principles of good business practices.