INTENSE at Customers
INTENSE at Customers

"A Party Without Decorations is Just an Ordinary Meeting" – a Testimonial from Party Deco


Party Deco is one of the largest manufacturers of special occasion decorations in Europe and the continent's largest manufacturer and distributor of wedding decorations.

The company offers more than 5,000 unique products for birthday parties, weddings, communions, baptisms and other special occasions. Producing 200,000 products per month, it sells to more than 70 countries.

The company's sales volume has been growing at an annual rate of about 30 percent for several years. With regard to such dynamic development, the editors of "Puls Biznesu" have awarded PartyDeco the Business Gazelle statuette since 2013.

INTENSE at Customers


  • Coordinates a production plant with 120 people, producing 200,000 products per month.
  • Manages a 10,000-square-meter warehouse with 9,500 pallets arranged on 4-story racks.
  • The 74 working people prepare 950 packages for customers each day,
  • The parcels are shipped via eight freight forwarders to more than 70 countries.


"More than 250 people are working in our company today - with our scale of operations, to ensure business processes run smoothly, it is indispensable for many IT services to function properly and consistently, including financial and accounting systems, production, warehousing or sales (e-commerce)."

"Aware of the need for synchronization and integration of all these systems, taking into account the requirements for reliability and consistency of data in business applications, we began the search for a suitable integration tool."


"Our choice fell on INTENSE Platform integration bus. When deciding on the implementation, we already knew the quality and capabilities of this software, hence we proceeded quickly to the commissioning and configuration process, which was also possible thanks to INTENSE's consultants, who provided us with several functional trainings."

"INTENSE Integration Bus is a flexible solution that we can recommend to any company that uses IT systems that require mutual synchronization. Thanks to the implementation of the bus, we have obtained an infrastructure that allows us to freely exchange data and define new processes that can feed into the existing bloodstream of the company."

"Not without influence on the final assessment of the solution is our cooperation with INTENSE Group consultants, who perform their tasks flawlessly."


Party Deco is marching forward, blazing a trail for other manufacturers, demonstrating that it is possible to thrive in the European market in an industry that many would consider irreversibly dominated by Chinese manufacturers. Wanting to maintain its remarkable growth rate, the company had to bet on a trustworthy and reliable and company - INTENSE Group.

Our implementation was a complete success. We built a new infrastructure at the customer's site. Its main component is INTENSE ESB integration bus. It allowed us to integrate the company's key processes. Thanks to the optimization of the main processes, the company can more confidently take the next steps on the path of their global expansion.

We cheer it on in its future efforts and await the next Gazelle!

You can find the full reference letter here.