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The Largest Have Choosen INTENSE - Credentials from PGNiG Technologie S.A.

The Largest Have Choosen INTENSE - Credentials from PGNiG Technologie S.A.


PGNiG Technologie S.A. is an enterprise that is part of the listed company Polish Oil Mining and Gas Extraction Group. The PGNiG Group plays a key role in maintaining Poland's energy security, holding a share of approximately 90% of the domestic retail gas market.

On November 2, 2022, PGNiG, by joining the PKN Orlen Group, formed the largest fuel and energy group in Central Europe, which is among 150 companies in the world in terms of revenue and serves more than 100 million customers.


The organization consists of two divisions:

1. The Mining Infrastructure Construction Division
2. The Mining Infrastructure Production Division

They cooperate in the services of design, construction, commissioning and operation of oil and gas mines, underground gas storage facilities, gas compressor stations and transmission pipelines. They also manufacture surface boreholes equipment and pressure equipment, and provide metal machining services.


The first implementation involved handling processes related to invoicing and integrating the new infrastructure with the existing SAP software.

„In connection with the optimization of activities and processes carried out in the company and due to the growing needs of recording and flowing a large number of documents, we decided to implement an electronic documentation circulation system throughout the organization along with archiving in a central electronic repository.” - writes PGNiG Economic Affairs Director Hubert Wstępnik.

The system has optimized the circulation of logistics and financial invoices. A significant factor in streamlining the completion of electronic documents was the implementation of optical character recognition technology - INTENSE OCR, which allows the content of scanned documents to be read with the option of automatic data entry into the relevant fields of forms defined in the system. This mechanism reads both the header of the document and its items.

INTENSE Platform also ensured full integration with the SAP ERP financial and accounting system operating in PGNiG.

"The intuitiveness and ergonomics of the software are worth emphasizing." - writes Director H.Wstępnik in his reference letter.


INTENSE's team of consultants extended the Platform with a system for managing personnel availability. The module is based on the allocation of personnel to teams, handling delegations and absences. All this, is integrated with SAP.

Much of PGNiG's work takes place in outdoor locations (e.g., on site), and the composition of the teams belonging to the manager is constantly changing. Therefore, it was important to create a system that would allow organizational and billing support for employee delegations and absences.

The created Employee Cards became the main point of information for managers on the personnel situation. Now supervisors are kept informed of changes in the composition of their team, any requests for business trips, absences, and work is billed automatically through integration with SAP.

"It is possible that in the future we will decide on further development work, because cooperation with INTENSE Group consultants is marked by professionalism and timeliness of the work performed.." - writes Director H. Wstępnik


The company, whose smooth operation is a prerequisite for maintaining Poland's energy security, bet on INTENSE Group and summed up the experience with us in the following words:

„Today, after several years of cooperation, we can recommend INTENSE Platform to other clients with a clear conscience, and confirm that INTENSE Group not only rose to the occasion in terms of system implementation, but also in the area of subsequent cooperation. We are deeply convinced that the manufacturer of INTENSE Platform software is a company worth recommending that can take care of the needs of its customers. "

The entire reference file is available here

We are pleased that our system is used in a company of such great importance to our country

INTENSE Group team