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INTENSE Platform in the Automotive Sector - References from AP Flota

INTENSE Platform in the Automotive Sector - References from AP Flota


Since partnering with AP Flota in 2018, we have the pleasure of participating in their dynamic growth. There we have delivered INTENSE Platform software in a dedicated form.

Our fruitful cooperation began, aimed at supporting AP Flota in achieving strategic goals related to electronic document workflow and optimization of vehicle fleet management.


Our long-term partner Kotrak S.A., with the AP Flota team, identified the need for a modern IT solution. INTENSE Platform emerged as the most suitable option. This implementation was intended not only to facilitate the process of creating and circulating electronic documents, but also to improve the vehicle fleet management efficiency.

The previous program, although it performed some functions related to the vehicle management, did not meet the growing business requirements, which was the client's motivation to take steps in a new direction.
INTENSE Group, Kotrak and AP Fleet teams were tasked with designing a comprehensive solution that responds perfectly to industry-specific challenges and contributes to process improvement.


INTENSE Platform is the main control point where extensions selected during the implementation analysis were made available. The role of the Platform itself is to create an environment that enables smooth, convenient work and the coordination and monitoring of activities. In turn, it is the specific extensions that are responsible for streamlining the company's processes.

The implementation included INTENSE BPM and INTENSE RPA modules, which, complementing each other, created an efficient electronic document circulation system while automating processes related to car rental and vehicle fleet management. This solution supports the efficiency and precise operational functioning of the company.

The INTENSE Data Integration module enables integration with other systems and aggregation of analytical data in a data warehouse. Thus, it provides the foundation for advanced reporting, which makes it possible to obtain a holistic view of the company's operations.

The implementation of INTENSE Platform has helped streamline the company's operations by handling processes related to administration and secretariat (including General Letters), delegation and coordination of tasks, quoting to customers, order and sales management, including:

- increasing the efficiency of vehicle release plan and insurance policy management,
- enabling mass configuration of e-mail notifications of new documents and tasks for system users.

Automation of the company's vital operations included:

- import of purchase invoices with the payment approval process,
- generation of e-mail requests for renewal of vehicle policies based on system data.

INTENSE Platform has perfectly synchronized with the company's existing software, i.e. vehicle management system and contractor data.


AP Flota is currently cooperating with Kotrak specialists in handling and expanding the capabilities of INTENSE Group's software.

AP Flota Board Member Kamila Skurczynska expresses satisfaction with the implementation of INTENSE Platform to her company, describing it in a reference letter available here